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Optimal Sports Nutrition

2015-05-06 13:04:52
OPTIMAL NUTRITION FOR PERFORMANCE ON THE SPORTS FIELD There are various factors that play a role in optimal sports performance, such as genetics, training, skills, rest, mental attitude and good nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in the health of an individual as well as promoting improved performance and endurance. The most important role of nutrition in sport is to supply sufficient fuel for energy, protein to build and maintain lean muscle mass as well as provide essential fats, vitamins, minerals and fluids to optimise health. A well balanced diet includes a variety of foods to obtain all the macro and micronutrients necessary to maintain a fit and healthy body.
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International Rugby Board Lightning Safety Guidelines

2015-01-28 12:53:36
IRB Lightning Safety Guideline At any level of Rugby, from grassroots all the way up to the professional game, understanding the dangers of lightning and the proper precautions to take will assist in minimising incidents from lightning strikes. The actions that should be taken, when there is a threat of a lightning strike, will depend on the level of information available to event/competition organisers or match officials.
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SharkSmart Programme evolves to ensure relevance

2014-10-02 11:07:40
  SharkSmart Programme evolves to ensure relevance With the changing of the season comes a shift in focus of the pioneering Discovery SharkSmart programme that reaches twenty three leading schools in KwaZulu-Natal, delivering a continually evolving stream of content aimed at ensuring that pupils and coaches get the latest medical and sport science information that is relevant to their lives.
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Youth Training Position Statement

2014-09-18 15:21:51
  Youth Training Position Statement Following the recent Discovery SharkSmart Strength and Conditioning Seminar held at Grwothpoint Kings Park The Cell C Sharks Mark Steele shared the document below to the teachers and coaches.
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