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Optimal Sports Nutrition

2015-05-06 13:04:52
OPTIMAL NUTRITION FOR PERFORMANCE ON THE SPORTS FIELD There are various factors that play a role in optimal sports performance, such as genetics, training, skills, rest, mental attitude and good nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in the health of an individual as well as promoting improved performance and endurance. The most important role of nutrition in sport is to supply sufficient fuel for energy, protein to build and maintain lean muscle mass as well as provide essential fats, vitamins, minerals and fluids to optimise health. A well balanced diet includes a variety of foods to obtain all the macro and micronutrients necessary to maintain a fit and healthy body.
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International Rugby Board Lightning Safety Guidelines

2015-01-28 12:53:36
IRB Lightning Safety Guideline At any level of Rugby, from grassroots all the way up to the professional game, understanding the dangers of lightning and the proper precautions to take will assist in minimising incidents from lightning strikes. The actions that should be taken, when there is a threat of a lightning strike, will depend on the level of information available to event/competition organisers or match officials.
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Emergency Sports Medicine Seminar

2014-10-20 16:09:08

The Discovery SharkSmart Programme will be running an Emergency Sports Medicine Seminar at Kearsney College in November.

Below is the programme for the event as well as the registration form that needs to be filled in

Emergency Sports Medicine Seminar Programme

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The myth of the team captain as principal leader

2014-10-20 09:14:27
  Although coaches and players recognise the importance of leaders within the team, research on athlete leadership is sparse. The present study expands knowledge of athlete leadership by extending the current leadership classification and exploring the importance of the team captain as formal leader of the team.
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Guest Editorial

How to get big

2014-03-12 10:26:37
Danielle Roberts, Discovery SharkSmart Sports Dietician: Want to get BIG the natural way? Assuming the person reading this is skinnier than they would like to be, proper training, proper nutrition and proper supplementation where necessary to fill the gaps can get you from zero to hero!
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Feed your injury back to fitness

2013-08-06 09:32:04
Danielle Roberts, Discovery SharkSmart Sports Dietician: With a number of injuries in the Sharks camp, I decided to write about how nutrition is altered during injury. You may need an increase or decrease in calorie needs, as various parts of the body have unique nutritional demands to restore an injury to cartilage, bone, muscle or even nerve. 
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Functional Movement Screening (Fms)

2013-08-06 09:31:04
Tracey Calverley: Life Healthcare Sharks Medical Centre and Discovery SharkSmart Biokineticist: Functional movement is a term often used to describe a movement that is based on real life biomechanics. These movements are seen performed in every day life, ranging from regular activities, such as walking up stairs, bending down to pick something up from the floor or getting up off the couch to playing a rugby match.
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Can We Do Anything About Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness (Doms)?

2013-08-06 09:29:29
DOMS is defined as being a state of muscular pain and discomfort that begins several hours after a period of intense exercise, particularly with eccentric muscle actions. This state usually persists from 24 to 48 hours and is thought to be due to micro trauma to muscle fibres.
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